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Area 51complete
Baku Bakucomplete
Bootleg Samplerdemo disc
Bubble Symphonycomplete
Bust-A-Move 2complete
Chase H.Q. & Special Criminal Investigationscomplete
Christmas Nightscomplete
Clockwork Knight : Pepperouchau's Adventurecomplete
Clockwork Knight 2complete
Command & Conquercomplete 2 discs
Darius Gaidencomplete
Darius IIcomplete
Darklight Conflictcomplete
Daytona USAcomplete
Daytona USA Championship Circuit Editioncomplete
Deka Yonku Tough The Truckcomplete
Destruction Derby CIB
Die Hard Arcadecomplete
Die Hard Trilogycomplete
Digital Dance Mix vol.1 Namie Amurocomplete
Doukyuusei if CIB
Enemy Zerocomplete 4 discs
Fighters Megamixcomplete
Fighting Viperscomplete
Fighting Vipers CIB
Fire Prowrestling S 6 Men Scramble CIB
Formula Karts SEcomplete
Galactic Attackcomplete
Gale RacerJapanese.complete
Golden Axe The Duelcomplete
Greatest Nine CIB
Gunbluster XTOcomplete with a model car
Hang On GP '95 CIB
Hideo Nomo World Series Baseball CIB
Highway 2000complete
Hyper Securities Scomplete
International Victory Goalcomplete
Iron Stormcomplete
K-1 Fighting Illusion CIB
King of Fighters 95 CIB
King The Spiritscomplete
King the Spirits 2 CIB
Konami Antiques MSX Collectioncomplete (Gradius, Gradius 2, Salamander, Parodius, Antarctic Adventure and 25 more)
Lemmings 3Dcomplete
Manx TT Superbikecomplete
Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Greed CIB
Need for Speedcomplete
Neon Genesis Evangelioncomplete
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden CIB
NHL 97complete
NHL 98complete
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revengecomplete
Nights into Dreamscomplete
Nissan GT-R Overdrivin'complete
Panzer Dragooncomplete
Panzer Dragoon II Zweicomplete
Photo CD Operating Systemcomplete- utterly useless
Power Driftcomplete
Promotional 3-packVirtua Cop & Virtua Fighter 2 & Virtua Racing
Puzzle Bobble 2Xcomplete
Real Sound: Kaze no Regretcomplete
Resurrection Rise 2complete
Robotica Cybernation Revoltcomplete
Sakura Wars Hanagumi tsushin CIB
Sega Ages Vol. 1complete includes OutRun & Afterburner II & Space Harrier
Sega Rallycomplete and loose
Sega Rally Championship CIB
Sega WorldWide Soccer 98complete
Sim City 2000complete
Sonic Jamcomplete
Sonic Rcomplete
Tempest 2000complete
The Hordecomplete
Tokimeki Memorial dramaseries Vol.1 - Nijiiro no seisyun CIB
Tomb Raidercomplete
WanChai Collectioncomplete
Wangan Dead Heatcomplete
Wipeout 2097complete
Virtua Cop 2complete with gun
Virtua Fighter CIB
Virtua Fighter 1complete
Virtua Fighter 2loose
Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Series Vol. 5 - Wolf Hawkfield CIB
Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Series Vol. 8 - Lion Rafale CIB
Virtua Fighter Kidscomplete
Virtua Fighter Kids CIB
Virtua Fighter Remixcomplete with Virtua Fighter C.G. Portrait Collection
Virtua Fighter Remix CIB
Virtua Racingcomplete