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100% Starcomplete
10101 "Will" The Starship CIB
Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennismissing manual and back cover
Ape Escapecomplete.
Army Men : World Warloose.
Atari Anniversary Edition Reduxcomplete (French)
Atari Collection vol.1complete
Baby Universecomplete. "3D caleidoscope"
Beatmaniacomplete. w/ Turntable controller
Bemani Append 3rd Mixcomplete
Bemani Append GottaMixcomplete
Bishi Bashi Specialcomplete.
Bottom of the 9th - Major League HeroesCIB
Broken Sword II
Bust-A-Move 3 DXcomplete. - Taiiito!
Capcom Generations 1part of a set
Capcom Generations 2part of a set
Capcom Generations 3part of a set
Capcom Generations 4part of a set
Cheat Factorycomplete. w/ Equalizer Module
Colin McRae Rallycomplete.
Colin McRae Rally 2.0complete
Collection of Classic Games from the Intellivisionloose
Cool Boarders 3complete
Crash Bandicoot 3 Warpedcomplete.
Crash Team Racingcomplete.
Dance Dance Revolutioncomplete
Dancing Stage Disney Mixcomplete
Darkstalkers 3complete
Dead or Alivecomplete
Demolition Derby 2complete
Demolition Racercomplete.
Densha De Go!complete
Derby Jockey RCIB
Die Hard Trilogycomplete.
Digical League CIB
Dino Crisiscomplete
DoomManual missing
Felony 11-79complete.
Final Fantasy VIIIcomplete.
Formula 1'97complete. Platinum.
Gambare Nippon Olympics 2000CIB
Ghoul Paniccomplete.
Gran Turismoseveral, complete.
Gran Turismo 2complete.
Grandiacomplete. - Xclusive
Guilty Gearcomplete
Hardcore 4x4complete
Hyper Tag Match CIB
Incredible Crisiscomplete.
IS Internal Sectioncomplete
ISS Pro Evolutioncomplete
Kattobi TuneCIB
Keiba Saisho no Housoku '96 Vol. 2CIB
Let's Go Bassfishing! CIB
Magical Drop SEcomplete. - includes MD1 & MD3
Marvel Super Heroescomplete
Mary Kate & Ashley Magical Mystery Mallpromotional copy
Medal of Honor Undergroundcomplete
Metal Gear Solidcomplete.
Metal Gear Solid Special Missionscomplete
Micro MachinesCIB
Midnight Runcomplete
Midway Arcade Party Pakcomplete.
Mobil 1 Rally Championshipcomplete
Mortal KombatManual missing
Mortal Kombat Trilogycomplete
Musiccomplete. music creation program
Music 2000complete. - Best Sellers version
Namco Museum vol.3complete.
Namco Museum vol.4complete
Namco Museum vol.5complete.
NBA Live 98complete
NBA live 99loose. - Alpha Copy (7/9/98)
NHL 2000complete
Oddworld Abe's Odysseycomplete
One Piece Mansioncomplete
Pandemonium 2complete.
Parappa The Rappercomplete.
Parasite Eve x 2 CIB
Parodius Da!complete, PSone Books.
PGA Tour 96CIB
Point Blank 2complete.
Point Blank 3complete
Populous The Beginningcomplete.
Porsche Challengecomplete.
Poy Poy 2complete.
Prime Goal EX CIB
Puchi Caratcomplete. special edition with retro controller
Race Drivin' a Go! Go!complete
Rage Racercomplete
Raiden Projectcomplete
RC De Go!complete.
RC Stunt Coptercomplete
Ridge RacerManual missing
Ridge Racer Revolutioncomplete.
Ridge Racer Type 4complete. with JogCon controller
R-Type Deltacomplete
Runabout 2complete
Shining Wisdomcomplete
Silent Hillcomplete
SLPS 01204 - ? 98 CIB
Spice Worldcomplete. Spice Girls "game"
Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmercomplete.
Starconloose. - E3 demo (30/6/98) - Never released!
Strikers 1945 IIcomplete
Super Technic ChallengeCIB
Superstar Dance Club #1 Hits!!complete. Bundle w/ Logic3 DanceMat.
Syphon Filter 2loose. - promotional copy
Tekken 3complete.
Test Drive 5loose. - Alpha Copy (13/7/98)
Theme Hospitalcomplete
Theme Park Worldcomplete
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golfcomplete.
TOCA 2complete.
TOCA Touring Car..complete.
Tom & Jerry: House Trapcomplete
Tommi Makinen Rallycomplete
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3complete.
Touge Max - Saisoku Drift MasterCIB
Um Jammer Lammycomplete. 'sequel' to Parappa
Vanishing Pointcomplete
Vib Ribboncomplete.
Viidakkokirja Svengiseikkailucomplete. In Finnish.
Wild Armscomplete.
Winning Eleven - J League Jikkyou CIB
Winning Post 2 CIB
Wip3out Special Editioncomplete
Wipeout 2097complete. Platinum version
World Fishing CIB
Worms Pinballcomplete.
Worms World Partycomplete.
V-Rally 2complete.