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4D Sports: Drivingcomplete.
7th GuestCIB
Alien Incidentcomplete. Finnish game.
And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie's)press promo CD's, loose
B-17 Flying Fortresscomplete
Baldur's Gatecomplete.
Battlefield 2142complete
Beneath A Steel Skycomplete
Big Red Racingcomplete.
Billy Hatchercomplete
Blade Runnercomplete
Bust-a-move 4complete.
Carmageddon IIPromotional copy.
Central Intelligencecomplete
Chess Simulatorcomplete
Chicago 90Budget version.
Chuck Yeager's Air Combatcomplete
Colin McRae Rally 2.0complete.
Commandos 2complete
Cool Worldcomplete
Death Rallycomplete
Destruction Derbycomplete.
DetroitBudget version.
Doom 3CIB
Doom 3 complete
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evilcomplete
Dr Drago's Mad Cap Chasecomplete
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivioncomplete
Evasive Actioncomplete
Evil Geniuscomplete
F1 Racing Simulationcomplete.
Fighter Wingcomplete
Flight Simulator 4Maps missing.
ForsakenBundled with Riva TNT
Frontier First Encounterscomplete
Gabriel Knight Mysteriescomplete - includes GK I and II
Grand Prix Legends
GTACD only
GTA IIIcomplete
GTA Londoncomplete
Half-Life 2Complete
Hits for 6Railroad Tycoon, Football Mngr WCE, Targhan, Netherworld, Big Game Fishing, Intl. Tennis
House of the Deadcomplete.
In the Groovecomplete with dance mat
IncomingBundled with Riva TNT
Interstate '76complete
Klingon Honor GuardWith phaser and VR helmet.
Knight Rider The Gamecomplete
Leather Goddesses of Phoboscomplete
LEGO Star Warscomplete
Litil Divilcomplete
Lost in Time 1 & 2complete
Magic Carpet Hidden Worlds Datadisccomplete
Master of Orioncomplete
Max Paynecomplete
Max Payne
MDK 2Bundled with hardware
Mega Pack5.25" disk
MegaStaraokepress promo with case
Microprose Soccercomplete.
Microsoft Train Simulatorcomplete
Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time
Muzzle Velocitycomplete. In Finnish.
Need for Speed : Road Challengecomplete
P-47 Thunderboltcomplete
Patriot 1.1complete
Police Quest CollectionPQ 1-4. loose. CD.
Police Quest: SWAT 2complete.
Pong the Next Levelcomplete.
Premier Manager 3complete
Quake 2
Quake 4
Quake IIcomplete.
Rage RallyBundled with hardware
Rally Trophy
Red Baron IIcomplete.
Return to the Castle of Wolfensteincomplete
Rise of the Triadscomplete
Sam & Max Hit the Roadloose. CD
Serious Sam 2complete
Silent Hill 4 The Roompress promo
Sim City Architecture 1Action Sixteen re-release
Sim City Architecture 2Action Sixteen re-release
Sim City Terrain EditorAction Sixteen re-release
Soldier of Fortunecomplete.
Sonic Mega Collection Pluscomplete
Starship Titanic
Steel Panthers 2No CD!
Survivor The Interactive Gamecomplete
SWAT 4complete
Syndicate American Revolt Datadisccomplete
Tempest 2000complete
Test Drive 3 R&C 1complete.
The Gold of the Aztecscomplete
Theme HospitalBudget version.
Tomb Raider
Trilogie de l'horreurThree French horror games. Compltete.
Tron 2.0complete
Typing of the Dead
Wildlife Park 2complete
Wing Commandercomplete.
Wing Commander SMcomplete.