Welcome to my new and improved Vectrex page. First, let me explain you how I got involved in programming the Vectrex.

The idea to start doing it ignited at the 2nd Alternative Party in Helsinki. There were demos shown for various old platforms, and being a Vecfreak (tm), I kinda hoped that next year there could be a Vectrex one too. I suggested this to my friend Marq, who is experienced in programming on 8-bit computers, but he said he had too many platforms under work already and suggested I'd try to learn it myself. 

To my surprise, I took up the challenge. I've never coded in assembler before. With his help and Chris' (get it from here) and Christopher's tutorials I got started, and inside these pages you'll find out what I've accomplished so far.

These pages also offer information for beginning Vectrex programmer and a guide to all the Vectrex games that were published, weren't published or are still to be published..


Example source codes, plenty of .bin files of unfinished games, tests and demos etc. All free for Vectrex freaks who want to start programming the black beast. See how VecSports Boxing was born and learn to draw vectors, read the joystick, add music and sound effects, keep the score and more!

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