Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1995
Fact: Sega's 32-bit CD-based effort. Didn't do very well in Europe but we love it!
We have: 5 main units (2 of them rev. 1. Really sturdy. One white Japanese unit. One original gray Japanese unit). Several controllers, Virtua Gun, Virtua Stick (arcade controller), NetLink modem, NetLink mouse, NetLink PS/2 keyboard adapter, Ultra-cool Sega keyboard, Action Replay Plus with 4 MB RAM expansion, PC link & 8 MB of save memory, ST-Key import modification cartridge, 6 player multitap, Video-CD expansion card, Arcade Racer steering wheel, ST-2 joypads etc.
Owner: HB&MP

Games for Saturn


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Info: Dual Hitachi 32-bit RISC CPUs. more info on the tribute page. Has serious 2D grunt and several great games but was killed off by the PlayStation (and N64). Several cool peripherals available. Has a cult following among hard-core gamers. Loved and cherished by Mikko. The Internet add-on is very nice (with WWW/IRC/e-mail). A tribute to Sega Saturn