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Philips Videopac G-7000 consoles
Philips CD-i 210 consoles
Pioneer Laseractive consoles
Radica Sega Genesis Plug-in-TV Version 2 consoles
Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III computer
Radofin Programmable Video Game consoles
Rowtron Television Computer System consoles
Salora Fellow computer
Salora Manager computer
Salora Videotex computer
Schmid TVG 2000 consoles
Schneider CPC-664 computer
Schneider EuroPC computer
Sears 7-in-1 Sports consoles
Sega Mega-CD II consoles
Sega Out Run 2 arcade
Sega Saturn consoles
Sega Mega Drive consoles
Sega Mark III consoles
Sega ST-V Titan arcade

At the moment we have 272 different machines

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