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Atari Hard Drivin arcade
Atari XEGS consoles
Atari 800 XL computer
Atari Jaguar consoles
Atari 1040 STF computer
Atari / RAY AR-1100 JAMMA arcade
Autocue Teleprompter computer
Bally Bally Professional Arcade consoles
Bally TruckStop pinball arcade
Bally Midway Winner II arcade
Bandai Pippin Atmark consoles
Bandai Wonderswan consoles
Bandai Wonderswan Color consoles
Bandai SwanCrystal consoles
Basic 2000 computer
Bit Corporation Gamate consoles
Canon CPM - 86 computer
Canon X-07 computer
Casio FX-750P computer
CBS Colecovision consoles

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