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UEFA Champions League 2004-2005 Sony Playstation 2
UEFA Dream Soccer Sega Dreamcast
UEFA Striker Sega Dreamcast
UFI und sein gefärlicher Einsatz Atari 2600
UFO - Enemy Unknown Commodore Amiga CD32
Ultima Exodus Nintendo NES
Ultimate Body Blows Commodore Amiga CD32
Ultimate Fighting Championship Sega Dreamcast
Ultimate Stuntman Nintendo NES
Ultraverse Prime Sega Mega-CD
Um Jammer Lammy Sony Playstation
Under Defeat Sega Dreamcast
Universal Soldier Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Unreal PC
Up'n'Down Atari 8 bit Computers
Urban Chaos Sega Dreamcast
Utopia Mattel Intellivision
Utopia New Worlds Commodore Amiga

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