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M*A*S*H Atari 2600
M.A.D. Commodore C64
M03 Basketball Intervision 2001
M04 Space Mission Intervision 2001
M05 Baseball Intervision 2001
M06 Alien Invader Intervision 2001
M08 American Football Intervision 2001
M09 Video Chess Intervision 2001
M12 Sea Battle Intervision 2001
M13 Missile War Intervision 2001
M14 Combat Intervision 2001
M20 Auto Race Intervision 2001
M25 Crazy Wall Intervision 2001
M26 Escape Intervision 2001
M27 Cat Track Intervision 2001
Macross M3 Sega Dreamcast
Mad Maestro Sony Playstation 2
Madden Football 64 Nintendo 64
Madness & Minotaur Dragon
Magforce Racing Sega Dreamcast
Magic Carpet Hidden Worlds Datadisc PC
Magical Drop 2 SNK Neogeo CD
Magical Drop SE Sony Playstation
Magician Lord SNK NeoGeo MVS
Magnetica Nintendo DS
Magnificent Seven Commodore C64
Magnificent Seven Commodore C64
Maken X Sega Dreamcast
Manchester United Europe Commodore Amiga
Manhunt Sony Playstation 2
Manx TT Superbike Sega Saturn
Marauder Commodore C64
Marble Craze Atari 2600
Marble Madness Commodore Amiga
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Nintendo DS
Mario All Stars Nintendo Super Nintendo
Mario Bros Atari 2600
Mario Kart Nintendo Super Nintendo
Mario Kart DS Nintendo DS
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Nintendo Gamecube
Mario Party Nintendo 64
Mario Party 2 Nintendo 64
Mario Party 4 Nintendo Gamecube
Mario Party 5 Nintendo Gamecube
Mario Party 6 Nintendo Gamecube
Mario Party 7 Nintendo Gamecube
Mario Party Advance Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Mario Tennis Nintendo Virtual Boy
Mario vs. Donkey Kong Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Mars Matrix Sega Dreamcast
Marvel Super Heroes Sony Playstation
Marvin's Marvellous Adventure AGA Commodore Amiga
Mary Kate & Ashley Magical Mystery Mall Sony Playstation
Mary-Kate and Ashley : Sweet 16 Licensed to Drive Nintendo Gamecube
Mashed Fully Loaded Microsoft Xbox
Master of Orion PC
Master of Orion 2 Apple Macintosh iMac
Math Gran Prix Atari 2600
Max Commodore VIC-20
Max Payne Microsoft Xbox
Max Payne PC
Max Payne PC
Max Payne Sony Playstation 2
Max Steel Sega Dreamcast
Maya the Bee Nintendo Gameboy
Maze Craze Atari 2600
Maze of Galious MSX
Mazes Unlimited MSX
Mean Arenas Commodore Amiga CD32
Medal of Honor European Assault Microsoft Xbox
Medal of Honor Underground Sony Playstation
Medievil Sony Playstation
Medievil Resurrection Sony Playstation Portable
Mega Games 3 Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Mega Man Nintendo NES
Mega Man 2 Nintendo NES
Mega Pack PC
Megabug Tandy Color Computer
MegaMania Atari 8 bit Computers
MegaStaraoke PC
Metal Gear Nintendo NES
Metal Gear Solid Sony Playstation
Metal Gear Solid 2 Sony Playstation 2
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance Microsoft Xbox
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater Sony Playstation 2
Metal Gear Solid : The Twin Snakes Nintendo Gamecube
Metal Gear Solid Special Missions Sony Playstation
Metal Slug 3 Sony Playstation 2
Meteoroids Dragon
Meteos Nintendo DS
Metroid Nintendo Gameboy
Metroid Nintendo NES
Metroid Fusion Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Metroid Prime Nintendo Gamecube
Metropolis Street Racer Sega Dreamcast
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Sega Master System
Mickey Mania Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Mickey Mousecapade Nintendo NES
Micro Machines Philips CD-I
Micro Machines Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Micro Machines Sony Playstation
Micro Rhythm Atari 8 bit Computers
Microbes Tandy Color Computer
Microcosm Commodore Amiga CD32
Microcosm Panasonic 3DO
Microcosm Sega Mega-CD
Microcosm demo Sega Mega-CD
Microprose Soccer PC
Microsoft Train Simulator PC
Microsurgeon Mattel Intellivision
Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Sony Playstation 2
Midnight Club II Sony Playstation 2
Midnight Magic Atari 2600
Midnight Run Sony Playstation
Midtown Madness III Microsoft Xbox
Midway Arcade Party Pak Sony Playstation
Midway Arcade Treasures Microsoft Xbox
Midway Arcade Treasures 2 Microsoft Xbox
Midway Arcade Treasures 3 Microsoft Xbox
Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play Sony Playstation Portable
Midway Arcade's Greatest Hits : The Atari Collection Nintendo Super Nintendo
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 Sega Dreamcast
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 2 Sega Dreamcast
Mighty Bombjack Commodore Amiga
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers- The Movie Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Mike Tyson's Punch Out Nintendo NES
Milk Race Atari 8 bit Computers
Millennium Soldier Expendable Sega Dreamcast
Millipede Atari 2600
Miner 2049er CBS Colecovision
MineStorm Milton Bradley Vectrex
Mini Kong Commodore VIC-20
Ministry of Sound Edition Sony Playstation 2
Missile Command Atari 2600
Missile Command Atari 8 bit Computers
Mobil 1 Rally Championship Sony Playstation
Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Greed Sega Saturn
MoHo Sega Dreamcast
Moho Sony Playstation
Mole Attack Commodore VIC-20
Momotaru Densetsu NEC TurboGrafx 16 / PC-Engine
Money Wars Commodore VIC-20
Monkey Academy CBS Colecovision
Monkey Academy MSX
Monkey Magic Quest 1 Commodore C16
Monopoly Tiger
Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time PC
Moon Lander Milton Bradley Vectrex
Moon Patrol Atari 2600
Moonrider MSX
Moonsweeper Atari 2600
Mortal Kombat Sega Mega-CD
Mortal Kombat Sony Playstation
Mortal Kombat 2 Commodore Amiga
Mortal Kombat 3 Tiger R-Zone
Mortal Kombat Gold Sega Dreamcast
Mortal Kombat II Sega Game Gear
Mortal Kombat II Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Sony Playstation
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Tiger
Moto GP 2 Sony Playstation 2
Moto GP 3 Sony Playstation 2
MotoGP Sony Playstation Portable
Mouse Puzzle Salora Manager
Mouse Trap Atari 2600
Mouse Trap CBS Colecovision
Mousetrap Commodore Amiga
Mr Driller Drill Spirits Nintendo DS
Mr. Driller Sega Dreamcast
Mr.Dig Dragon
Mr.Moskeeto Sony Playstation 2
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness Sega Dreamcast
Ms. Pacman Atari 2600
Ms.Pac-Man Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Ms.Pacman Atari 7800
MTV Music Generator 2 Sony Playstation 2
Multi Racing Championship Nintendo 64
Munchman Sega SC3000
Music Sony Playstation
Music 2000 Sony Playstation
Mutant Herd Commodore VIC-20
Mutant Rampage Philips CD-I
Muzzle Velocity PC
MX vs. ATV Unleashed Sony Playstation 2
My Hero Sega Master System
My Paint Sega Mega-CD
Myst Demo Atari Jaguar CD
Myth Commodore Amiga CD32

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