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L'Affaire MSX
LA Rush Sony Playstation 2
Labyrinth Commodore C64
Lady Bug Mattel Intellivision
Lamborghini Nintendo Super Nintendo
Lamborghini American.. Commodore Amiga
Landmaker Sony Playstation
Lanneret Time Top Gameking
Laser Blast Atari 2600
Laser Volley Atari 2600
Laser Warp Sinclair Spectrum
Last V8 Atari 8 bit Computers
Le Mans 24h Sega Dreamcast
Leader Board Atari 8 bit Computers
Leaderboard Commodore Amiga
Leaderboard Golf Sega Game Gear
Leaderboard Golf Sega Master System
Leather Goddesses of Phobos PC
Legacy of Kain : Soul Reaver Sega Dreamcast
Legacy of Sorasil Commodore Amiga
Legend of Illusion Sega Game Gear
Legend of Kyrandia Commodore Amiga
Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning Sony Playstation 2
Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Nintendo Gamecube
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Nintendo Wii
LEGO Star Wars PC
Leisure Suit Larry : Magna Cum Laude Sony Playstation 2
Lemmings Commodore Amiga
Lemmings Commodore Amiga CD32
Lemmings Sony Playstation Portable
Lemmings 3D Sega Saturn
Les Schtroumpfs Sega Master System
Les Schtroumpfs au tour de Monde Sega Master System
Let's Go Bassfishing! Sony Playstation
Let's Make Professional Baseball Team! (Pro Yakyu Team Wo Tsukuro!) Sega Dreamcast
Lethal Enforcers Sega Mega-CD
Liberation Commodore Amiga
Liberation Commodore Amiga CD32
Life Force Nintendo NES
Lights Out Tiger
Liikennepeli Commodore C64
Line of Fire Commodore Amiga
Link-The Faces of Evil Philips CD-I
Links 2004 Microsoft Xbox
Lion King Nintendo NES
Lion King Nintendo Super Nintendo
Lion King Sega Game Gear
Lion King Sega Megadrive / Genesis
Litil Divil PC
Little Computer People Commodore C64
Little Nemo Dream Master Nintendo NES
Little Wizard Gamepark GP32
Loaded Sony Playstation
Lock'n'Chase Atari 2600
Lock'n'Chase Mattel Intellivision
Lombard RAC Rally Atari ST
Lombard RAC Rally Commodore Amiga
Loopz Nintendo NES
Lost in Time 1 & 2 PC
LOTR : The Two Towers Sony Playstation 2
Lotus 2 Commodore Amiga
Lotus 3 Commodore Amiga
Lotus Challenge Sony Playstation 2
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Commodore Amiga
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Sinclair Spectrum
Lucky Dime Capers Sega Master System
Luigi's Mansion Nintendo Gamecube
Luigi's Mansion Nintendo Gamecube
Lula PC
Lumines Sony Playstation Portable
Lunar Docking Commodore C16
Lunar II: Eternal Blue Sega Mega-CD
Luv Bug Commodore VIC-20

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