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42-in-1 pirate multicart Sega Megadrive / Genesis
4D Sports: Driving Commodore Amiga
4D Sports: Driving PC
5 - Space War Fairchild Channel F
50 Cent Bulletproof Microsoft Xbox
6-Pak Sega Megadrive / Genesis
7th Guest PC
8 - Labyrinth Fairchild Channel F
8k RAM cart Commodore VIC-20
90 Minutes Sega Dreamcast
A View to a Kill MSX
A.M.O.K Sega Saturn
Aardvark Commodore C16
Ace Combat Squadron Leader Sony Playstation 2
Ace Golf Nintendo Gamecube
Ace of Aces MSX
Acid Attack (Guardian, Skidmarks, Gloom) AGA Commodore Amiga
Activision Anthology Sony Playstation 2
AD&D Mattel Intellivision
AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin Mattel Intellivision

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