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NEC PC Engine CoreGrafx 1990
NEC TurboGrafx 16 1989
NEC PC-FX 1994
Nintendo 64 1996
Nintendo Famicom Disk System 1985
Nintendo DS 2004
Nintendo Game Boy 1990
Nintendo Game Boy Light 1998
Nintendo Game Boy Pocket 1996
Nintendo Game Boy Color 1998
Nintendo Game Boy Advance 2001
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP 2002
Nintendo Game Boy Micro 2005
Nintendo Gamecube 2001
Nintendo Entertainment System toploader 1993
Nintendo Entertainment System 1985
Nintendo Pokemon Mini 2001
Nintendo Super NES 1991
Nintendo Wii 2006
Nintendo Virtual Boy 1995
Nintendo M82 1985
Nintendo DSi 2009
Nintendo DSi XL 2010
Nintendo 3DS 2011
Nokia N-Gage 2003

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