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Time Top GameKing

Games and photos
A Chinese handheld system with 3 built in games (shooter "2003", platformer "Drifter", bomberman game "Miner") and a very low resolution four shade gray scale display, that blurs easily (not the first handheld to have something like this though). Interesting thing is, that it claims to have 37 game cartridges for it (I can vouch for the 16 I have) and they're not awful for what they are.

For example, one of the pack-in games, 2003, looks like a 1942 made with a couple of pixels and 4 shades of gray. Scrolls down, one blob shoots other blobs. Most of us could do that in BASIC in a day, or less. Well, looking at the manual (which also features nice Engrish) reveals us that there's plenty of extra weapons and other things that make the game more entertaining.

The game packaging is superb, and reading "The Brief of Story"s from the back of the boxes is hilarious. Also, all the games have nice sound/music. The design of the console is pretty much ripped off from the GBA, having even the shoulder buttons, which, in Gameking, aren't buttons at all. Though who knows where they ripped of the packaging art, since most of it doesn't relate to the game... The cartridges look pretty close to original GameBoy carts too.

Click here to see an even bigger picture of the console. Apparently this thing was released quite recently, either last or this (2004) year. Takes 2 AAA batteries. There's a couple online stores selling them, I got mine from, thanks to Craig.


Oh no! We're being attached by the exotic! And the batter was broken too!

Duck Man? He sounds tough! And looks like Keanu Reeves.

Okay, F1 racing spiced with current events... and a Nissan on the box.

Bad men holding the place always scare me.

Happy Killer. Nuff said. Cowry?

This is my favourite one. No comments.

Now at a GameKing near you - Nanny and Honny... in Popper! Artwork from Maximo.

Breathtaking indeed. On the front, the game is Seatercel, on the back it's Sea-Tiercel, and when the game starts, it says Seatercle...
Apparently the box art is from Unreal Tournament (thx to JegHegy)

This game is called... "SOLDIER".
Luckily for XX the group was standing by.
Apparently this box art is from Unreal Tournament too (thx to JegHegy)

Man this XX city gets in trouble a lot. But alas, street hero will interlard!
Art taken from Chaos Legion (thx to diab0l)

Racing car? Looks like... a mirrored motorcycle. Yeehaa, Let'go!

Conclusion: A must for everyone who collects crappy and obscure handhelds. Most of the games are more fun before you open the box though... :)

If there's more to tell, I'll add it here later...