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Pelikonepeijaiset 2.0

July 2003
Black "Ireland 2600 jr." from PelleB collection

Guys from Pelikalleria testing the PS2 EyeToy

Halo being played, Muto going through his PCBs

Japanese Saturn games from "davidleeroth"'s collection, I can spot at least Panzer Dragoon Saga.

NeoGeo CD, CoreGrafx and Mikko/PKP

One of the dozens of PCBs Muto brought, Playchoice 10

Another shot of the Nintendo Playchoice 10 PCB

PelleB and a quite general shot of the party place

Saturn love simulations from "davidleeroth"'s collection

Heavy sixer from PelleB of the "Turku Posse", he also had a Laser 3000 and a bunch of stuff for trade. Too bad nobody had anything to offer him...

A beat 'em up by Treasure, courtesy of dlr.

More of dlr's stuff. He got some nice items there. Rare N64, SNES, NES, Saturn etc... even some Panasonic JR-200 games.

Ville/PKP and DJ Roz (about to play some KLF).

dlr's WonderSwan Color, game is Guilty Gear Junior or something like that.

Another shot of the WS Color.

Xbox, PS2, stuff, and more stuff. Muto was playing episodes of Starcade, which was nice.

The cool statue that was the 1st prize in the crappy games competition.

The following photos courtesy of Muto, thanks.
Pelleb's black Atari 2600 jr.

Rozware's demo wouldn't work on the laptop, so people gathered outside the window to watch it.

In the evening.. Gusti outside, others from the left : Marq, Kimmo, Pete, Silvast. Puzzle Bobble in the arcade cab.

The modern machines.

Pete's PC, party server and some iBooks. Roz on the left.

View from the back

DLR's setup. About everything played all regions.


Front row with PKP's stuff. Can you spot the SGI Indigo?

Manu/PKP mastering the EyeToy.

Mikko/PKP's DC tissue dispenser, Jap Saturn and DC. Next to the DC is an Activision 10-in-1 TV Game.

Mikko/PKP's SX-64 and 3DO. Also in the picture : Tokyo Bus Guide LE for DC and a pirate MD game.

At least CD-32, NeoGeo CD, PC-Engine and Gamecube in this picture.

Muto's stuff. That little VCR/monitor setup played Starcade episodes 24/7 :)

Antti playing Puzzle Bobble, Manu getting something from the floor (?).

DLR's boxes of goodies.

PelleB's Ataris and SMS. At least someone brought a decent extension cable. Good job.

Da partyplace.

Manu's Vectrex with a modified PSX controller and Protector overlay.