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Pelikonepeijaiset 1.0

Year 2001
Museum machines.. (Channel F, X'Eye, Tatung Einstein etc.)

Museum machines.. (Zemmix, PC-FX, Developer 3DO etc.)

Saturn stuff & GT3

Jamma test rig playing Asterix

Extremely rare Palcom thingy and Laseractive disks + 3D goggles

Party place: Ville & Markku Reunanen sitting in the back, Raimo & Lauri Gratseff standing, Rami playing

Saku's Laseractive


A bit rarer MSX2

Rarer MSX2 games

Party place...


Manu's handhelds

Party place; Rami "RmM" Maunula in the front

Party place; Lauri in the front, Jari & Olli in the back

Olli's table - NES & SNES stuff

Jari's portable C64 and stuff

Heinonen Bros.'s Amiga A3000 and Acorn A5000

Jari Viitala playing Vectrex; Kalle Ahonen, Raimo & Olli watching

And again

Party place; Mikko SeviƤ in front, Jussi Jokinen in the back.

Saku 'Stt' Taipale's table, Tero Helminen on left

Olli Laiho playing Vectrex - he rocked at Worm Hole

View from above the party place

Top-down view of Jari's table

Top-down view of Saku's table