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Light Gun Gallery

Machines which had light guns
There is several systems using light guns, more or less futuristic weapons. Hey, that's a fair subject for a gallery (there is worse choices you know)... so here we go. The list isn't complete (but the most complete there is) and probably will never be. Let us know if you know of something to add here. The ones marked bold are shown in the photos.

Top Gunfighter by Naki
Games: Virtua Cop
Atari XEGS/2600/7800
Light gun that came bundled with the XEGS, works also with Atari 2600 and Atari 7800, which didn't have their own light guns. There's also a compatible gun from Best Electronics called the Best Lightgun.
Coleco Telstar Arcade
The triangular Telstar Arcade had a light gun that looked like a revolver
Commodore 64
The Defender 64 Light Gun by Cheetah.
The Magnum light gun

Games : Time Traveller, Army Days, Gangster
Mark/Soundic Video Game
No image yetThere's a hole that says 'gun' on the machine, but we haven't found one yet.
MSX computers
T"Plus X Terminator Laser" by ASCII to be used with Dungeon Hunter. Thanks to Saku.
Nintendo 64th
No image yetNaki N64 Lunar Gun
Nintendo NES
Zapper came bundled with the NES Action pack, there also a grey version.
A revolver shaped gun for NES
Zapper clone for NES clone "Entertainment Computer System"
There's also light guns for many other NES clones/pirates (MicroGenius IQ1000K etc.)
Nintendo SNES
Super Scope Bazooka
Konami Justifier for the Lethal Enforcers
Panasonic 3DO
American Laser Games "Game Gun" Games : Corpse Killer, Crime Patrol, Demolition Man, Drug Wars, Fast Draw Show Down, The Last Bounty Hunter, Mad Dog, Mad Dog II, Policenauts, Shoot Out at Old Tucson II, Space Pirates, Who Shot Johnny Rock?, Gunslinger's Collection
Philips CD-i
Peacekeeper revolver Games: Mad Dog McCree (requires video card expansion)
Pong systems (several)
For example one model of Conic TVG, Radio Shack TV scoreboard, Coleco Telstar Marksman, Coleco Telstar Ranger, Unisonic Tournament 2001...
Sega CD
Konami Justifier Light Gun
Games : Lethal Enforcers, Lethal Enforcers 2, Mad Dog 2, Corpse Killer
Sega Dreamcast
Dreamcast Gun MadCatz DreamBlaster
Interact Starfire Lightblaster
Games: House of the Dead 2
Sega Master System
Sega MegaDrive/Genesis
Menacer- Light Bazooka
Konami Justifyer
Games : Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2
Sega Saturn
Virtua Gun (Europe, Japan)
Stunner (Usa)
Real Arcade Gun
Top Gunfighter by Naki
Games: Virtua Cop
Sinclair Spectrum
Sinclair light gun to be used with James Bond light gun games.
Sony Playstation
Namco GunCon
G-Con 45
Nyko Super Cobra
Scorpion Light Gun
Avenger Pro Light Gun
Virtual Pistol
Panther V Light Gun
Shock Rattle Light Gun
dozens of others...
A Chinese TV game... might be a Pong system, we only found the gun. Actually it's a NES clone..
Tandy Color Computer
Also known as Co-Co. The light gun was actually a Sega Master System gun. Games : Iron Forest, Medieval Madness. Tim sent this information : The Sega Phaser light gun model 3050 was not modified at all. It did use a coverter box in order to communicate with the host computer.
Worlds of Wonder Action Max
Came with a light gun.
Games : all of the 4 released video tapes