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GP32 Quick Picks

Gamepark Stuff

Name Genre Review How to reset?
256 Goats

Scene demo More like an intro
+ nice effects
+ happy tune
+ not too boring
No reset
3h coding

Gfx demo Plasma effect
+ cool
- nothing else
No reset
Apple Striker Game Puzzle game
+ professional
+ some music
- little complicated
- some music
Start + Select
Atari 800 emulator version 1.2.5.
Emulator Emulates 8 bit Ataris
+ fast and smooth
+ lots of options
- little difficult to get started with
"Exit" from the menu resets GP32

Game It's Doom
+ moves like there's no tomorrow
+ accepts other WADs
+ bg music
Choose Quit Game from the menu and then press B

Game Reaction game
+ nice graphics
+ nice sound
+ addictive
+ saves highscore
Select on the main screen
Freelauncher Utility + lets you run all these programs
- could be easier to use
- could be prettier
No reset

Emualtor Emulates C-64
+ good speed
+ SIDs play
+ virtual keyboard
+ Commando works
- not all games do
Start opens menu, then choose "Restart GP32"

Emulator Emulates Sega Megadrive (Genesis)
+ fast and nice like all Rlyeh products
+ overclocking in the menu
- no sound at all
- actual emu not released yet :)
Start twice on the game selection menu. From the game you get to the options by pressing L + R, then choose Change.
fSMS version 20/07/03 first beta Emulator Emulates Sega Master System
+ works 100%
+ Sonic with sound
Start twice on the game selection menu. From the game you get to the options by pressing L + R, then choose Change.
fMSX version 17/03/03 Emulator Emulates MSX
+ easy to use
+ works 100%
Start opens menu, then choose "Reset GP32"
Genesismu version 17/03/03 version 20/07/03 first beta Emulator Emulates Genesis
+ decent speed
- no sound
- some bugs
No reset.
GoatPark32 Scene demo They've watched their Amiga demos :)
+ some cool fx
+ nice music
- a little boring
No reset.

Game Asteroids
+ "vector" gfx
+ a classic
+ multiplayer
No reset.
GPEngine version 0.4

Emulator Emulates PC-Engine
+ really fast
+ easy to use
+ PC-Engine
No reset.
GP File Manager version 0.1.3b

Utility File manager
+ manage files without PClink
+ plays MP3s
- needs more options
Start + Select
GPJewel version 0.815 Onmoon Special Game Version of Bejeweled
+ works
+ nice graphics
- no sound
No reset

Emulator Let's you play all old Lucasfilm adventure games
+ excellent
+ Monkey Island
+ Indiana Jones
+ music works
+ everything
No reset
GP XCade version 004.0

Emulator Emulates some classic arcade games
+ supported games work fast
+ Pacman
- most games don't have sound
- ROMs are a bit difficult to get
- can't see the bottom of the screen
No reset
Gravity Force version 1.0

Game Gravity Force
+ just like on Amiga
- joystick works better with this one
- missing stuff
No reset
Scene demo Game + music
+ some nice FX
+ overall design
LCD Rasterblaster Graphics demo + old skool L + R
Little John version 0.4 Emulator Emulates NES
+ excellent
+ runs like the real thing, but no blinking screens :)
+ cool config
R for menu, then choose Reboot from the top
Minimalistic Crap Scene demo + cool design
+ nice effects
- ugly font
Start + Select
Modded version 1.0

Utility .mod/.s3m player
+ plays 'em right
+ takes you back to the Amiga years
- needs more features
No reset
Mya Mya Rocket

Game Version of Chu Chu Rocket
+ plays well
+ quite faithful to the original
- needs more sound effects!
- needs more levels (these have been promised)
No reset
Pinball Dreams Free Demo v.1.0

Game Pinball game
+ excellent version of the Amiga classic
+ demo is free
No reset
Puzzle Mix

Game(s) Puzzle games
+ 3 in 1
+ Bejeweled and Columns
+ High score list
+ nice graphics
- score etc. difficult to see
- no music, boring sounds
- not too flashy (needs more punch)
Choose 'Exit' from the menu until the game resets.
Test 23 Fixed version Scene demo + loads up quick
+ cool music
+ nice 2d stuff
- some pretty basic fx
No reset

Game Tennis game
+ nice graphics
+ nice sound
- difficult to get used to the controls
No reset

Game It's Wolfenstein 3D
+ you kill nazis
+ a classic
+ smooth
- maybe even too fast for the GP32 controller
No reset

Game Rick Dangerous
+ Just like on the Amiga
+ works perfectly
+ still as frustrating as back then
L + R + Select + Start