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An arcade trivia game, powered by Atari ST

Atari ST Arcade
Another oddity from Finland - an Atari ST -operated arcade cabinet. Found by our friend Muto from the storage of an arcade games dealer.

Quite a ... contraption. It's a complete Atari 1040STfm. The control panel has 5 buttons, A, B, C, D and a red button. Looks like a small budget (self made?) deal.

Apparently it's a trivia -type of a deal. The disk image,
which can be downloaded from here, to be used with your favorite Atari ST-emulator, works well using joysticks as the operating buttons. The program is in Finnish and has two game modes: "KRIS KROS" and "BLACK HOLE"

The disk label says 'kris kros/black ltd 1.0 6.4-89', and the program has a copyright by Mika Virtanen.

Thanks to Muto for the photos & info.