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A bingo edition of a Philips MSX Computer

Philips VG8020 MSX 'Holland Bingo' Edition
We present the following, that was discovered (from Finland!)
by a fellow collector mate, Gorgane

A 'Holland Bingo' -edition of the Philips VG8020!
Only keys that are left are the function keys, number keys,
space bar and enter. It came with a Holland Bingo -cartridge
and operates as a bingo machine.

The text next to enter says "Kontroll Nr." (control number)
The text above space says "TREKK (NYTT NR.)"

Other than that, it's a perfectly normal MSX machine
that can play any other MSX cartridges.

Both the machine and the cartridge have a text
"Lotteriservice Jotan A/S 3191 Horten" on them.
The cartridge says "I-90 System" on it.
Apparently Jotan A/S still exists in Norway, making
bingo machines. I guess the "Holland" (Netherlands) in the
name just points to the origin of the MSX machine.

The cartridge was inspected, ROM was dumped
and the following things discovered :

- terrible BASIC program, unoptimized, messy
- wouldn't work on an emulator, cartridge was heavy for a 16 kb
ROM cart -> must have some extra hardware inside
- performs a 'self test' when booting, which pretty much
confirms the existence of extra hardware pieces in there
- says "Micro Technology Holland" on it

- says "(c) 1987 Reveal Automation" when booting
- this one is from June 1987, ver.1.03b, serial 784686

Wouldn't mind adding one of these in our collection - good stuff, Gorgane.

Pictures by Rouhija, thankjuuverimats.