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An obscure MSX based video game console exists
The first computer I (Manu/PKP) ever got was a Sony HitBit MSX. Just recently (early 2000) it came to my attention that there is an MSX based video game console called Zemmix. Zemmix is a game system accepting carts made for MSX computers. On this page we've gathered info and pictures of it, but more is needed - If you have anything more about Zemmix, mail us.
Some history of our Zemmix:

May 2000. It has now been confirmed that we'll be getting that red/black CPC-51 in a few months. Apparently it was stuck in Korean customs because they thought MSX meant MS-X missile parts. Duh.
28th of September 2000. The machine is now here, and working fine.

BIG thanks to Kevin / Assembler for making this possible.

Carts: (from top to bottom and left to right)

Wonder Boy, ???, ???, Yei Ar Kung fu, Arkanoid, Road Fighter, Alpha Roid, UDR

Tetris , Magical Tree (Konami ripoff), ????, Vigilante

Hyper Sports 3, Gunman, U D TKeystone, Yei Ar Kung-Fu, Oil's Well, Tank Batalion, Kapers, Vigilante

The cover of SuperBoy (thanks to Sander)

Zemmix console was made by Daewoo. Zemmix systems were most popular there in 1989. The machines are NTSC, but the power is 220V /100V switchable. They have RCA type audio and video connectors in the back (as well as one RF connector), so they can be used with most TV's. Seems that Daewoo didn't keep much records of these machines, since an inquiry about Zemmix to Daewoo by a fellow Zemmix -owner resulted in a "we know nothing" - answer. At least Zemina, Clover, Topia, Screen and Prosoft produced/hacked games for the system (though most of the games are actually by Konami & other Japanese companies).

Found out a few things about the CPC-51 (probably applies to other Zemmixes as well) : I inserted my "Nemesis" cartridge, which I've had since 1980ies, and instead of "Nemesis" the title screen said "Gradius". Apparently the cartridges somehow recognize that the machine is from Asia. Same thing happened with Penguin Adventure, the title screen changed into some Japanese (Korean?) characters. Also hooked up my Sony disk drive to the CPC-51 - nothing happened. Apparently Zemmix doesn't have an operating system built-in, or at least there isn't a way to make it appear. I've yet to try it with a bootable disk though (my bad, will do this when I have some free time on my hands). The "keyboard" port on the bottom still remains a mystery, maybe the 61W keyboard works with 51 as well. Kevin/Assembler reported that he got a disk drive working with a Zemmix using a Brazilian disk drive adapter cartridge.

Zemina is Korean for "It's fun!" and Zemmix means "Fun mix." Or maybe they're "Funny" and "It's fun!" Something to that effect, anyways.

Boxed Zemina cartridges are extremely hard to find, because they had a trade-in program in Korea where you could trade your old game for a new one with some extra money. So most boxes went lost in the process. Thanks to Sander for that bit of information.

Update 27th of August 2003 : There's a 4th Zemmix model - the Zemmix Turbo - scroll down for more information. Thanks to Kris Garrein for letting us know, and for the picture. Check out his site at There's also information of a Zemmix PC add-on card there!

There's at least 4 Zemmix models with some variations

Daewoo Zemmix CPC-50

MSX-1 compatible console (plays 128 Kb games). This photo was received from Myke, who got his Zemmix from Ebay 3-4 years ago. Thanks.

Daewoo-Zemmix_CPC-50.jpg (18603 bytes) A pink/white color variation of the CPC-50 version. This photo was downloaded from Funet MSX archives. This one has also a matching joystick, a photo of it might be here soon.

A blue/pink color variation of the CPC-50 version.
Photo by Ulver.

Daewoo Zemmix CPC-51R (Red)

More futuristic version. This one is MSX-1 compatible as well. Picture from the Funet MSX archive. There's a port for a keyboard in the bottom, the keyboard was sold as a separate add-on. This is the model we have, though our joystick is colored differently.

Thanks to Kevin again.

A white/silver color variation CPC-51W and a Yellow/Blue/Black variation CPC-51B

As you might notice, the last letter on the model number refers to the main color on the machine (W for white and so on). Thanks to STT

Daewoo Zemmix CPC-51R (Red)

"Based on the looks of the joystick, I'd say the futuristic looking silvery thingy on the background is another model of Zemmix. However, I could be terribly wrong." The picture is from MSX World Datas.

Seems that I wasn't wrong, thanks to the information from Kris G.
The silvery thing in the background is the 'king' of all Zemmixes, the Zemmix TURBO. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the Turbo-R MSX... at least it's MSX2 compatible..

The silver thing besides it is a PSU and the robotic looking thingy on top of it has flashing lights that react to the game sounds and music.

The two buttons on the front are "Pause" and "Turbo" and it has BASIC inside.

The lower picture from Kris G.'s site, thanks.

Daewoo Zemmix CPC-61W (Victory)

MSX-2 (!) compatible gaming console. See the Mario Brothers game! (Brother Adventure?) Picture from the Funet MSX archive. The sound system is strangely close to the Konami one, but not a perfect match, maybe it just emulates the SCC sound for Zemina -hacked SCC games, that do not carry the chip with them?

A red/black color variation of the CPC-61W model. Photo by Ulver.

Keyboard & Cartridge port divider

How about that sexy keyboard? The picture is from a box of the cartridge port divider thingy. It lets you play music in the games and mess with it in the midi cart program (so I've heard).

Zemina also made a 4 slot divider and a Nintendo Famicom (8-bit) cartridge adaptor. Now that would be cool.
Some web pages also mention an FM PAC without SRAM by Zemina.
Ivan Latorre has a good page about Zemina memory expansions (Black box, Golden box, Deluxe box, Deluxe IV, BB RAM) and he also tells me the following facts :

"Deluxe IV" (and also the other Zemina RAM expansion cards) aren't normal mapped expansion RAM cartridges. This means that when I turn on my computer it doesn't recognize the RAM of the cartridge. I have a MSX2 with 64 Kb and when I insert the "Deluxe IV" cartridge (which has 512Kb) in any of the slots only 64Kb are shown at start-up (instead of the theorically 576 Kb=64+512)."

And he got an e-mail from a Korean guy:
"I have ZEMINA's golden box, RCOS program (RAM CARD Operating System), Original's MEGA GAME TAPE (very slow ;-) & 3.5 Disk (Upload program + mega rom image data), ZEMINA's RAM EXPAND CARD's LOGIC CHART (GOLDEN BOX), etc.

Infomation ZEMINA's RAM EXPAND CARTRIDGE: Black box[Only 1MEGA bit(128Kbyte RAM) & not addition ram cart.], Golden box[1MEGA bit(standard) & addition possibility of 32Mbyte ram],
Deluxe Box[2MEGA Bit(standard) & addition possibility of 32Mbyte ram] BB RAM256 [256K bit & static-ram cart.]

it's cartridge is use upload (KONAMI or ASCII Methood MEGA ROM GAME or big utils) high price at old times (ram & rom) In case Korea's 1MEGAbit GAME (32Kbyte EPROM x 4) 2Mega & High Mega is Not make, because very high ROM chip and BIG Cartridge it's cartridgd is very cool. not use rom & only recycle mega rom image data & get low price image data zemina is sell japan rom images & copy ROM Cartridge's (copyright lawless in KOREA, old times ;-) but zemina is have original games. I look zemina company, old times. very small company. But very technical company [product: MSX2 upgrade kit, expand slot, ram expand card, original games, ZEMMIX (not have keyboard, only game console)'s & MSX1(RGB port) upgrade & MSX technical support] But ZEMINA is DEAD old times :-("

So Zemina made an MSX2 Upgrade Kit, MSX1 RGB port upgrades and some other stuff too... Like the Zemmix PC card (!).

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