Who are the "Pelikonepeijoonit" ? Why do they have this site up?

Pelikonepeijoonit consist of 3 members:
Manu Pärssinen (manu@pelikonepeijoonit.net): our webmaster
Ville Heinonen (ville@pelikonepeijoonit.net)
Mikko Heinonen (mikko@pelikonepeijoonit.net): myself

We chose to appear under this title to emphasize the fact that our collection is based in Finland, which, despite being very much up to date these days, was seriously lagging behind at the time of the microcomputer boom of the 1980s. Furthermore, Finland has a very small computer industry, and virtually all machines ever produced here have been PC clones. There's no chance of stumbling across any prototypes here. Basically I'm saying that, even though we've "only" got about 120 machines (not including duplicates) at the moment, it has taken us serious time and effort to assemble this collection, and we considered it worthy of presenting to the general public under one title. Previously, both Manu and I have had our collections on display on our respective home pages, and at least my page wasn't visually very attractive.